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  • IT Manager of a large IT Management Enterprise from mid-west US.

    The team at GNS has done a great job on the 365 Command project. We often don’t give the best guidance, but they almost always come up with a way to make it work.
  • Javaid Azami, Director Information Technology, large publishing company from New York

    I have known GNS for many years. Every time I had an opportunity to bring them on board I did that without any hesitation. This company comprises of a group of talented people who are dedicated to their profession. Over the years they have been exposed to different industry and different systems. This exposure brings a unique flavor to their understanding of business requirements. They are very quick to understand the business needs and provide a business solution. They take a very methodical approach to the analysis and designing a solution. Impressive indeed! Over the years they have demonstrated a great work ethics and a superb customer service. I must say I love their dedication to work on hand and their willingness to go to that extra mile to help you and support your business.
    I wish them all the best. They are among the best out there in the offshore world.

  • CIO of a Steel Processing Organization in US

    Our Organization - GNS relationship began with a large but mundane project requiring three RPG software engineers; the work was straight forward and routine and the results exceeded our expectations. The relationship blossomed as we assigned more strategic and challenging projects to GNS. With each project GNS responded with the same positive results and a mutual feeling of confidence and familiarity began to grow.
    Today we could not operate without GNS. We engage over fifteen GNS software engineers with diverse skills who work cooperatively with our in-house software engineering staff on a daily basis.
    GNS provides production support for our proprietary legacy ERP system (RPG/DB2). They do major development work and subsequent support for our EDI environment (iWAY), our SharePoint-based external and internal portals and our business intelligence environment (WebFOCUS). GNS is also heavily involved in our effort to rewrite several large legacy sub-systems in GeneXus, our chosen 4GL development platform.
    My Organization - GNS relationship is strategic, win-win partnership.

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